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    The annual capacity of Technicals and
    Formulations are more than 40,000 tons.

    Large-scale pesticide production base in China.


    Niclosamide 70%WP PD20170239 Molluscicide
    Metaldehyde 80%WP PD20183129 Molluscicide
    Buprofezin 25%WP PD20100814 Insecticide
    Coumatetralyl 3.75%TK PD20090909 Rodenticide
    Warfarin 2.5%TK PD86119 Rodenticide
    Brodifacoum 95%TC PD20085637 Rodenticide
    Bromadiolone 95%TC PD20070387 Rodenticide
    Coumatetralyl 98%TC PD20101547 Rodenticide
    Warfarin 98%TC PD86118 Rodenticide
    Fosthiazate 93%TC PD20160443 Nematocide
    Metaldehyde 99%TC PD20182295 Molluscicide
    Niclosamide ethanolamine  98%TC PD20150081 Molluscicide
    Phoxim 92%TC PD20130257 Insecticide
    Chlorfluazuron 96%TC PD20160857 Insecticide
    Fipronil 95%TC PD20142465 Insecticide
    Acephate 97%TC PD20098270 Insecticide
    Pyribenzoxim 95%TC PD20172130 Herbicide
    Quinclorac 96% TC PD20161547 Herbicide
    Metribuzin 95%TC PD20160964 Herbicide
    Bispyribac-sodium 95%TC PD20160848 Herbicide
    Propanil 95%TC PD20160667 Herbicide
    Cyhalofop-butyl 95%TC PD20160497 Herbicide
    2,4-D 96%TC PD20160258 Herbicide
    Ethoxysulfuron 95%TC PD20160292 Herbicide
    Bensulfuron-methyl 96%TC PD20152526 Herbicide
    Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 98%TC PD20152568 Herbicide
    2,4-D-ethylhexyl 96%TC PD20150743 Herbicide
    Alachlor 95%TC PD20101900 Herbicide
    Acetochlor 95%TC PD20101705 Herbicide
    Glyphosate 95%TC PD20097899 Herbicide
    Butachlor 92%TC PD20097527 Herbicide
    Pretilachlor 96%TC PD20095617 Herbicide
    Hexaconazole 95%TC PD20173321 Fungicide
    Isoprothiolane 95%TC PD20171560 Fungicide
    Tricyclazole 95%TCTC PD20171419 Fungicide
    Thifensulfuron-methyl 97%TC PD20152681 Fungicide
    Azoxystrobin 97%TC PD20142556 Fungicide
    Difenoconazole 95%TC PD20141414 Fungicide
    Tridemorph 99%TC PD20110771 Fungicide
    Metalaxyl 98%TC PD20102192 Fungicide
    Prochloraz 95%TC PD20101849 Fungicide
    Imidacloprid 10%WP PD20040328 Insecticide
    Monosultap 48.7%+imidacloprid 1.3%WP PD20040640 Insecticide
    Monosultap 35%+Buprofezin 7%+Jingangmycin 6%WP PD20095179 Insecticide
    Mefenacet 50%+Bensulfuron-methyl 3%WP PD20097923 Herbicide
    Tribenuron-methyl 10%WP PD20092193 Herbicide
    Bensulfuron-methyl 10%WP PD20083678 Herbicide
    Thifensulfuron-methyl 15%WP PD20080986 Herbicide
    Dimethomorph 50%WP PD20170756 Fungicide
    Emamectin benzoate 5.7%WG PD20151081 Insecticide
    Dimethomorph 30%+Pyraclostrobin 15%WG PD20181859 Fungicide
    Tricyclazole 75%WG PD20210957 Fungicide
    Monosultap 80%SP PD20040540 Insecticide
    Acephate 75%SP PD20141545 Insecticide
    2,4D 860g/LSL PD20182228 Herbicide
    Glufosinate-Ammonium 50%SL PD20182611 Herbicide
    Glyphosate 30%SL PD20150061 Herbicide
    Bentazone 480g/LSL PD20210923 Herbicide
    Acephate 92%SG PD20151785 Insecticide
    Niclosamide ethanolamine 25%+Metaldehyde 1%SC WP20180171 Molluscicide
    Methoxyfenozide 30%+Indoxacarb 10%SC PD20182226 Insecticide
    Bispyribac-sodium 20%SC PD20170183 Herbicide
    Atrazine 38%SC PD20100904 Herbicide
    Flufenacet 10%+Diflufenican 10%SC PD20210329 Herbicide
    Tricyclazole 25%+Epoxiconazole 5%SC PD20182053 Fungicide
    Azoxystrobin 20%+Difenoconazole 15%SC PD20181085 Fungicide
    Hexaconazole 30%+Thifluzamide 10%SC PD20180348 Fungicide
    Pyraclostrobin 15%+Epoxiconazole 5%SC PD20210956 Fungicide
    Mesosulfuron-methyl 3%+Florasulam 1%OD PD20201111 Herbicide
    Pretilachlor 27%+Bensulfuron 3%OD PD20200620 Herbicide
    Fluroxypyr-meptyl 13%+Dicamba 7%+Nicosulfuron 4%OD PD20200306 Herbicide
    Glufosinate-ammonium 15%+Oxyfluorfen 5%OD PD20200110 Herbicide
    Carfentrazone-ethyl 4%+Florasulam 2%OD PD20210407 Herbicide
    Flucarbazone-Na 10%OD PD20210318 Herbicide
    Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 20%OD PD20210073 Herbicide
    Ethoxysulfuron 5%OD PD20210471 Herbicide
    Fosthiazate 10%GR PD20170597 Nematocide
    Metaldehyde 6%GR PD20150038 Molluscicide
    Abamectin 0.5%+Fosthiazate 10%GR PD20172659 Insecticide
    Pretilachlor 5.4%+Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 0.6%GR PD20210055 Herbicide
    Penoxsulam 0.3%GR PD20210300 Herbicide
    Pretilachlor 50%EW PD20183761 Herbicide
    Metamifop 10%EC PD20210422 Molluscicide
    Phoxim 40%EC PD85157-24 Insecticide
    Beta-cypermethrin 4.5%EC PD20040203 Insecticide
    Triazophos 20%EC PD20040650 Insecticide
    Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5%EC PD20094937 Insecticide
    Fenpropathrin 5%+Phoxim 20%EC PD20085234 Insecticide
    Chlorpyrifos 45%EC PD20084345 Insecticide
    Fenpropathrin 20%EC PD20084145 Insecticide
    Phoxim 28%+Cypermethrin 2%EC PD20083916 Insecticide
    Butachlor 85%EC PD20130796 Insecticide
    Pyribenzoxim 3%+Cyhalofop-butul 12%EC PD20184286 Herbicide
    Cyhalofop-butyl 100g/L EC PD20172162 Herbicide
    Pretilachlor 30%EC PD20101735 Herbicide
    Quizalofop-P-ethyl 5%EC PD20091572 Herbicide
    Pendimethalin 33%+Oxadiazon 6%EC PD20210892 Herbicide

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