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  • Welcome to Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. website!

    Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd.

    +86-519-69881009 , 68786690

    Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd.


    The annual capacity of Technicals and
    Formulations are more than 40,000 tons.

    Large-scale pesticide production base in China.

    products Center

    30% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate
    50% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate
    30% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate
    Bispyribac 20% SC
    Bispyribac 20% SC
    50% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate
    Bispyribac-sodium 20% SC + Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl 20% WP
    Dimethomorph 50% SC
    Fosthiazate10% GR
    30%Tricyclazole·epoxiconazole suspension agent
    40% thifluzamide· Hexaconazole suspension agent
    35% Difenoconazole· Azoxystrobin suspension agent
    45% Pyraclostrobin · dimethomorph Water Dispersible Granules
    10.5% abamectin· Fosthiazate granules
    5.7% Emamectin Benzoate Water Dispersible Granules
    20% fenpropathrin emulsifiable concentrate
    Metaldehyde 6% GR
    70% niclosamide wettable powder
    Acephate soluble 92% GR
    Metaldehyde· niclosamide 26% SC
    75% acephate soluble powder
    40% Methoxyfenozide · indoxacarb suspension agent
    Dinotefuran 1% GR
    5% abamectin emulsifiable concentrate
    80%metaldehyde wettable powder
    Metaldehyde·Carbaryl 6% GR
    15% Pyribenzoxim · cyhalofop-butyl emulsifiable concentrate
    15% Pyribenzoxim · cyhalofop-butyl EC+30% cyhalofop-butyl OD
    5% Penoxsulam OD+30% cyhalofop-butyl OD+85% butachlor EC
    30% cyhalofop-butyl dispersible oil suspension
    100g/L cyhalofop-butyl emulsifiable concentrate
    30% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate +10% Bensulfuron-methyl wettable powder
    50% pretilachlor EW
    50% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate +20% Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl emulsifiable concentrate
    30% pretilachlor · Bensulfuron-methyl dispersible oil suspension agent
    53% Bensulfuron-methyl · mefenacet wettable powder
    40% Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl·mefenacet effervescent granules
    Yuhuo combination (barnyard grass edition)
    Yuhuo combination (Hekuo edition)
    23% haloxyfop-R-methyl · Clethodim emulsifiable concentrate
    26% oxadiazon emulsifiable concentrate
    50% glufosinate-ammonium Aqueous solution

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