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    Bispyribac 20% SC


    Common name: 20% Bispyribac-sodium suspension agent

    20 grams, 30 grams

    Control object: Annual weed
    Registered crops: Rice
    Features: 1. The agent is quickly absorbed, and the effect is fast.
    2. Appropriate amount of medication does not hurt the seedlings, safe and secure.
    3. It is resistant to rain and has high utilization rate.
    Application Technology: 1. Rice direct seeding 20-25 days, rice seedlings 3.5-4 leaf stage, weed 2-5 leaf stage, stem and leaf spray.
    2. Rice direct seeding field weeding, draining the field water before application, keeping the soil moist, evenly sprayed, returning water 24 hours after the medicine, the water depth is not submerged in the heart of the rice seedlings, water retention for 3-5 days.
    Product Note: 1. This product is forbidden to be used in indica rice varieties and hybrid breeding fields. It is forbidden to use in the pre- heart and booting stage of the seedlings.
    2. This product is only used in japonica rice. If you need to use it in other varieties, please consult the local plant protection department.
    3. Pay attention to temperature changes. The suitable temperature range for this series of products is between 15-35 °C. In the appropriate temperature range, the anti-effect of Bispyribac-sodium on weeds increases linearly with increasing temperature, and the safety is better. The temperature is lower than 15 degrees, the control effect is unstable, and the low temperature is also easy to cause phytotoxicity; If the drug is used continuously above 35 degrees, it may cause phytotoxicity.
    4. There is a temporary yellowing phenomenon, which has no effect on the final yield. The field performance of the Bispyribac-sodium series products is: yellowing and chlorosis began 3 days after the drug, and began to recover after 10 days, and returned to green. This short-term inhibition has no effect on the final yield. After treatment with this product in the weak seedling field, the leaves have chlorotic yellowing and seedling phenomenon. It should be applied with 3. Foliar fertilizer or fertilizer containing sodium nitrophenolate and brassinolide, and it can be restored after 10 days.

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