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    40% Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl·mefenacet effervescent granules


    Spread the medicine to field, save labor and efficiency.


    Product direction: Hand insert, machine insertion, throwing the field, transplanting the living tree and closing it twice.
    Common name: 40% Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl·mefenacet effervescent granules

    100 g

    Control object: Annual weed
    Registered crops: Rice
    Features: 1. effervescent dosage form: flexible medication, less affected by the weather.
    2. Hekuo double seal: has a good sealing effect on a variety of weeds.
    3. High safety for rice
    4. Wide adaptability: can be used for transplanting, throwing, and transplanting.
    5. Flexible use: can be applied separately, mixed with fertilizer, mixed with soil.
    Use technology: Rice transplanting field, after 5-7 days after transplanting, seedlings live, evenly spread or mixed with fertilizer, keep 3-5 cm water layer when applying (subject to not drowning), keep water after medicine 5 to 7 days.
    Product Note: 1. The applied field is flat, with no obvious bumps and low sag.
    2. After the application of the medicine, keep the 3-5cm water layer in the field, which is subject to no flooding. If it rains, it should be drained in time.

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