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    30% cyhalofop-butyl dispersible oil suspension


    Safe barnyard grass ·resistant cyhalofop-butyl solution


    Product direction: Safety type · normal barnyard grass · resistant cyhalofop-butyl
    Common name: 30% cyhalofop-butyl dispersible oil suspension
    Registered crops: Rice
    Specification: 130 grams, 500 grams
    Promotional dose: 130 grams of water in a bucket of 8 points
    Features: 1. For rice safety: Indica, japonica and japonica can be used.
    2. Extensive grass spectrum: barnyard grass · cyhalofop-butyl at the same time.
    3. High efficiency of weeding: Specially added company to develop DY808 additive, with obvious synergy.
    Use technology: In the rice 2-4 leaf stage, Leqianjin 130 ml water 15 kg, stem and leaf spray 8 points or so. Drainage before application, the weed stems and leaves are exposed to the water surface, 24 hours after application, irrigation 3-5 cm, water retention 5-7 days.
    Precautions: 1. This product is not recommended for use with Herbicide (especially bensulfuron-methyl pyrazosulfuron) for controlling broadleaf weeds, which may cause antagonism or phytotoxicity. If it is necessary to control the broadleaf weeds in the field, it is recommended to mix with Lekoso (860g/L2, 4-D dimethylamine brine).
    2. It is very important to drain the field water and keep the water after the application before application, which directly affects the weed control effect.

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