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    30% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate


    Closed Herbicide without back sprayer


    Product direction: Water direct seeding · Before harrow levelling · shushi · provincial sealing
    Common name: 30% pretilachlor emulsifiable concentrate

    100 ml, 130 ml

    Registered crops: Rice
    Control object: Annual weed
    Features: 1. Convenient labor-saving method---swing: no need to mix fertilizer, no need to mix soil, no need to exchange water, Tian Hao directly.
    2. Rapid application - 1 minute: rapid application, normal application for 1 minute and 1 mu of land.
    3. Strong diffusion force - even diffusion, no condensation: exclusive diffusion technology, strong diffusion ability!
    4. Safety agent foot: Add enough safener to ensure the safety of rice.
    5. Excellent sealing effect: the sealing effect is as good as the negative spray sealing effect!
    Application Technology: Laizhan was applied to the ground before the sedimentation. After 48 hours of sedimentation, the water was drained (or dried naturally), and then planted (rice germination with roots). After sowing, the leaves were kept moist until the 2 leaves and 1 heart stage. In case of accumulation of water in time.

    Product use precautions:

    1. Rice seeds must be germinated with roots.
    2. The time between application and planting is not less than 48 hours.
    3. Use Laizhan to drain the water, then sow it, and do not sow the seeds with water.
    4. The plot requires flatness, no obvious bumps and low sag conditions, and high-permeability plots are not recommended for promotion.
    5. After sowing the rice to the 2nd leaf 1 period, keep the field moist, and prevent water accumulation. If there is rainfall, the water will be discharged in time.
    6. Rice planting pay attention to the future weather, avoiding low temperature, avoiding heavy rainfall, especially bad weather such as cold weather.

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