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    5% Penoxsulam OD+30% cyhalofop-butyl OD+85% butachlor EC


    2 leaves medication, blocking double effect


    Product direction: Safe type · barnyard grass cyhalofop-butyl with anti-killing grass high efficiency and long-lasting grass.
    Common name: 5% Penoxsulam OD+30% cyhalofop-butyl OD+85% butachlor EC
    Specification: 50 g + 50 g + 50 ml, 500 g + 500 g + 500 ml
    Promotional dose: (50 g + 50 g + 50 ml) A group of buckets of water 8 points
    Features: 1. For rice safety: Indica, japonica, and japonica can be used, and rice can not be used in the 2 leaf stage.
    2. For barnyard grass · cyhalofop-butyl Efficient: The product dosage is sufficient, and the company's research and development LK888 additive is added to improve the herbicidal effect.
    3. Significant synergy: the combination of ingredients and additives enhances the efficacy of each other.
    4. Good sealing effect: Penoxsulam, butachlor have a good sealing effect on weeds that have not been unearthed.
    5. Closed and durable: Penoxsulam, butachlor can be used for more than 25 days.
    Use technology: Direct seeding rice 2-3 leaf application, a group of water 8 points, evenly sprayed, evenly penetrated.
    Precautions: 1. Drain before use, so that more than 2/3 of the weed stems and leaves are exposed to the water surface. The water is returned to the water 24 hours after application, and the water layer is kept for 3-5 cm for 5-7 days.
    2. The dosage is determined according to the age of the grass and the density of the weeds. When the grass age is large and the density is high, the dosage is appropriately increased.

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