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    15% Pyribenzoxim · cyhalofop-butyl EC+30% cyhalofop-butyl OD


    Indica rice weeding, Yuxi combination is more efficient!


    Common name: 15% Pyribenzoxim · cyhalofop-butyl EC+30% cyhalofop-butyl OD
    Specification: 30 ml + 100 g
    Promotional dose: (30ml + 100g) A group of buckets of water 8 points
    Features: 1. Safety of japonica rice and japonica rice: After a large number of application tests, the use of 3 leaves and 1 heart is highly safe for japonica rice and japonica rice.
    2. Efficient for barnyard grass: double synergy (addition of Pyribenzoxim is obvious, adding synergy to the company's RK888 additive)
    3. Killing broad spectrum: barnyard grass · cyhalofop-butyl.
    Use technology: Indica rice and japonica rice 3 leaves 1 heart, barnyard grass · cyhalofop-butyl 2-4 leaf stage application, a set of buckets of water evenly sprayed 8 points.
    Precautions: 1. Rice direct seeding field weeding, draining field water before application, keeping the soil moist, evenly sprayed, returning water 24 hours after the medicine, the water depth is not submerged in the heart of the rice seedlings, water retention for 3-5 days.
    2. The dosage is determined according to the age of grass and the density of weeds. When the grass age is larger and the density is higher, the dosage is increased.

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