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    15% Pyribenzoxim · cyhalofop-butyl emulsifiable concentrate


    Efficient barnyard grass · normal cyhalofop-butyl · double-spotted cockroach broad-spectrum solution


    Common name: 15% Pyribenzoxim · cyhalofop-butyl emulsifiable concentrate
    Specification: 150 ml
    Promotional dose: 150 ml a bucket of water 8 points
    Features: 1. High efficiency in weeding: Containing special additives, obvious synergy, and efficient weeding!
    2. Killing grass broad spectrum: barnyard grass · cyhalofop-butyl · Double-spotted garfish at the same time.
    Use technology: 1. Indica 3 leaves 1 after heart use;
    2. Non-high resistance barnyard grass Area: Yuxi150ml a bucket of water 8 points
    3. Resistant barnyard grass Area: Yuxi150ml + reputation (50% quinclorac WP) 25g a barrel Water 8 points
    Precautions: 1.Yuxi is recommended for use in japonica rice, and japonica rice should not be used.
    2. When Yuxi is used, the seedlings should not be used too early. It should be used after 3 leaves and 1 heart.
    3. Pay attention to the temperature change. The temperature range suitable for application is between 15 degrees and 35 degrees, avoiding low temperature and avoiding high temperature.
    4. Use this product: drain first, then use medicine, then rehydrate.
    5. There is a temporary yellowing phenomenon, which is normal. Improper use, yellowing and chlorosis began 3 days after the drug, and began to recover after 7-10 days, and returned to green.

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