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    80%metaldehyde wettable powder



    Common name: 80%metaldehyde wettable powder
    Registered crops:


    Control objects: snails
    Specification: 15 grams, 500 grams
    Features: 1. Seiko fine powder, uniform dispersion and high utilization rate: Wojue adopts advanced processing technology, and the prepared preparation has small particle size (>400 mesh), good fluidity, uniform dispersion of water, and more favorable for attachment on plant surface.
    2. Super-strength, high-efficiency killing snails: Adding strong attractant, it also has better trapping effect on snails that are not touched by the application.
    Use technology:


    Control object

    Formulation amount






    1. Use 30 grams of this product per acre to 30 kg of water, and spray evenly on the plants during the snail's germination period, with an interval of 7-10 days.
    2, in the wind or expected to have rain within an hour, do not apply medicine.
    3. After using this product, do not trample in the field, so as not to affect the efficacy.
    4. The safety interval of this product on cabbage is 7 days, and the maximum use of crops per season is 2 times.

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