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    5% abamectin emulsifiable concentrate


    Resolutely kill insects through the barrier!


    Common name: 5% abamectin emulsifiable concentrate
    Registered crops:


    Control objects: Rice leaf roller
    Suitable crops: Vegetables, fruit trees, peanuts, etc.
    Specification: 10 ml, 50 ml, 200 ml, 1 liter
    Features: 1. Fine powder original drug processing, the effect is more excellent: This product is processed from high content of abacectin fine powder, the effective component b1a content is 5.0 or more, the effect on the advanced age resistant pests is better, and the insecticide is more thorough.
    2. Add strong penetration aid, no insecticide left blank: Chitou adds Lecco proprietary permeation aid LK777, which significantly improves the penetration ability of the preparation and has a strong killing activity for hidden pests.
    3. Optimize the process and filter the formula, the quality is more stable: adopting the newly optimized production process, the physical stability, chemical stability and effect remarkableness are in the international leading position and the stability is stronger. After more than 20 formulas in 3 years, it is only for providing excellent insecticidal products.
    Use technology:

    1. This product is used in the hatching period of rice leaf roller to the larval stage, pay attention to even spray, preferably in the evening. For the control of rice borer, in order to improve the insecticidal activity and the duration of the effect, it can be evenly sprayed with 30 grams of barrel water per gram of lycopene (92% acephate SP).
    2. It is recommended to use the second dilution effect better, avoiding the noon glare medication, the effect is better.

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