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    75% acephate soluble powder

    Qisheng can completely kill insects!


    Common name: 75% acephate soluble powder
    Registered crops:


    Control objects: Helicoverpa armigera
    Specification: 60 grams
    Features: 1. Insecticide and egg killing, excellent preparation: This product has stomach poisoning, contact killing and certain fumigation effect, and the action mode is comprehensive. It can kill eggs and is a slow-acting Insecticide.
    2. Suction and insecticide, nowhere to form: This product has good systemic absorption, has a good killing effect on drilling resident pests, so that there is no dead angle and no pests to kill insects.
    3. Long-acting effect, saving labor and time-saving The efficacy of this product can reach 21 days, and the use of drugs to prevent pests is more durable, so that farmers can less fight drugs, save labor and save time.
    4. Broad spectrum and high efficiency, cost-effective This product is a broad-spectrum high-efficiency Insecticide, which has good insecticidal activity against a variety of Lepidoptera and Homoptera pests.
    5. Low level of resistance, excellent safety. It has been used for several years in rice fields for fish farming and rice-shrimp farming. There is no safety accident.
    Use technology:


    Control object

    Formulation amount



    Helicoverpa armigera



    Spray evenly at the peak of egg hatching or before larvae 1-2 years old. Spray the liquid to the front and back of the leaves when applying.

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