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    Metaldehyde 6% GR

    Use good materials, of course, more effective!


    Common name: 6%metaldehyde granules
    Registered crops:


    Control objects: Apple snail
    Specification: 180 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilogram

    Use good materials and make fine products: Wodian uses first-grade fine flour, soybean oil and spices as the main materials to make it have better attraction and killing effect on snails. It has a longer duration and reduces the number of medications.

    Advanced technology and more stable particles: Wodian adopts advanced processing technology. The finished product has high strength, uniform size, and is resistant to storage and transportation. It can guarantee the integrity of particles and snails for a long time under extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain after applying in the field. The trapping effect.

    Super tempting and efficient killing of snails: Wodian granules add snail attractant to efficiently kill snails around the particles.

    Contains emetics, can continuously kill insects: the product is added with emetic, each particle can kill insects several times in succession, one multi-purpose, improve efficiency.

    Use technology:


    Control object

    Formulation amount



    Apple snail



    1. Apply rice apple snail and 7 days after rice transplanting, retain water for more than 7 days, apply at around 25 °C.

    2, the number of uses 1 time, the security interval is 70 days.

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