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    10.5% abamectin· Fosthiazate granules


    Reject the nematode, good roots bring a good harvest!


    Common name: 10.5% abamectin· Fosthiazate granules
    Registered crops:


    Registration object: Root knot nematode
    Specification: 500 grams, 1 kilogram

    1. Fast effect and long tube life: Huaruida is a compound killer product of abamectin and Fosthiazate. It combines the characteristics of abacecin's fast-acting nematocidal and Fosthiazate's long-lasting control nematodes. It is faster, more durable, and more nematode-killing. trust.
    2. There are many particles and no dead angle: the high-intensity imported carrier has small particle density, many particles and uniform soil distribution, so that the nematode has no way to escape. Effectively kill the insect source in the soil and give more protection to the crop.

    3. Water-soluble granules, easy to use : Huaruida granules are water-soluble granules, which can be quickly dissolved in water without precipitation. They are widely used in flushing, drip irrigation, etc., and are flexible and convenient to use.

    Use technology:


    Control object

    Formulation amount



    Root knot nematode



    How to use:
    Use before planting. 1. Comprehensive soil mixed application (the most effective for controlling nematodes), and can also be applied by applying noodles and ditching. 2. Spread the agent evenly on the surface of the soil, and then mix the agent and the soil thoroughly with a rotary tiller or a hand tool. The depth of mixing of the agent and the soil needs to be 15-20 cm.

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