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    45% Pyraclostrobin · dimethomorph Water Dispersible Granules


    Bixia for sterilization, defrosting the disease to keep health!


    Common name: 45% Pyraclostrobin · dimethomorph Water Dispersible Granules
    Registered crops:


    Registration object: Late blight

    15 grams, 100 grams

    Features: 1. Bactericidal broad-spectrum, high-efficiency oomycete: Bixia is a compound preparation of pyryPyraclostrobin and dimethomorph, which has excellent protection and therapeutic effects on most diseases of various crops. It has excellent effects on diseases such as downy mildew and late blight caused by Oomycetes.
    2. Double protection and long- lasting effect : Bixia's active ingredients form a stable protective film by tightly bonding with the wax layer of the blade, and can be expanded on the blade by air humidity to increase the protective area of ??the blade, thereby making it more reliable and effective. Prevention of downy mildew and disease.
    3. More health care, more benefits: Pyry Pyraclostrobin has significant plant health functions, which can improve crop resilience, increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, and provide more benefits to growers.
    Use technology:


    Control object

    Formulation amount



    Late blight

    40-50 grams


    Spray application in the early stage of potato late blight, depending on the weather and the degree of disease, apply once every 7 to 10 days, and can be used continuously for 2 to 3 times.

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