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    40% thifluzamide· Hexaconazole suspension agent

    Strike Sheath blight, with Zhaoke, rapid treatment does not spread!


    Common name: 40% thifluzamide· Hexaconazole suspension agent
    Registered crops:


    Registration object: Sheath blight
    Suitable crops: Peanuts, wheat, potatoes, corn, etc.

    20 grams, 100 grams, 1 kilogram

    Features: 1. Formulation science, stable preparation: double-layer sterilization component, dual action mechanism, advanced preparation processing technology to ensure product quality and reliable efficacy
    2. Fast-acting effect , long-lasting effect: This product contains treatment effect on sheath blight Hexaconazole, a rapid bactericidal ingredient, can be quickly sterilized to control the spread of disease. At the same time, thifluzamide has the characteristics of long-lasting effect, which can protect crops from sheath blight for 20 days.
    3. Promote grouting and stalking of stalks: avoid premature senescence of the leaves during the filling stage, prolong the maturity of filling, and achieve the purpose of increasing production and increasing income.
    Use technology:


    Control object

    Formulation amount



    Sheath blight



    Usage: Please use 15-20 grams of this product evenly sprayed in the initial stage of sheath blight. The best method of use is to spray the rice at the end of the tillering stage and spray it again before breaking. This product is used up to twice a season on rice.

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