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  • Welcome to Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. website!

    Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd.

    +86-519-69881009 , 68786690

    Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd.


    The annual capacity of Technicals and
    Formulations are more than 40,000 tons.

    Large-scale pesticide production base in China.

    Welcome to LION AGREVO (JIANGSU) CO., LTD.

    • We are Technical and Formulation base of Eastchem
    • We have R & D ability of Technicals and Formulations
    • Our annual capacity of Technicals and Formulations are more than 40,000 tons


    Lion Agrevo (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. is R & D and Production base of Eastchem Co.,Ltd. With own Technical: Fenclorim, Difenoconazole, Metaldehyde, Niclosamide, Isoprothiolane etc and annual capacity of 40,000 tons different kind formulations, now becomes large-scale pesticide production base in China.Established at 2010, now we have all kinds highly specialized personel more than 100 people. With advanced equipment and full QA system, we are doing R & D and manufacture...

    Product advantages

    Insecticide, Herbicide, Bactericide, organic fertilizers, etc., to produce global product varieties;

    Using advanced processing technology, product quality is stable and safe;

    Production capacity

    A production line with an annual output of 300 tons of fenclorim, 500 tons of difenoconazole and 8,000 tons of pesticide preparations has been completed;

    We can produce all kinds of pesticide preparations, including WP, EC, SL, WG, SC, OD, SL SG, WE, SP and ME, etc. 

    Quality Assurance

    Our company insists on real-time testing from raw materials to finished products;

    Traceability of production, product retention for 2 years, and regular sampling inspection;

    Professional quality assurance team, strive to develop high efficient

    "Quality, high efficiency and environmental protection"

    is not only the quality principle of Laike, but also the brand purpose;

    Quality creates dreams

    01. The quality of the product is the guarantee of the company's reputation.
    Laike Chemical discovers the problem in time and handles it quickly;

    02. Ensuring and improving the quality of products to meet the needs of management and the market,
    we have established a strict product quality management system to protect the products;

    03. Equipped with advanced production equipment and perfect product inspection system;

    04. Providing customers with qualified and satisfactory products and comprehensive and
    thoughtful service is the biggest pursuit of Laike Chemical.



    • Address: No. 16, Haibin 2nd Road, Yangkou Chemical Industry Park, Rudong Economic Development Zone, China
    • Contact: Mr. Zhu
    • Fax: +86-519-85190399
    • Email: zhu@eastchem.net
    • URL: www.rontalks.com

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